The economy and technologies are expaning. Web 3.0 and decentralized blockchain based platforms are becoming more relevant for new, complex businesses, porcesses and interactions.

  • In the nearest future, a decentralized Insight (GRC) Alliance development project will be launched with opening a pool of blockchain tokens (title: RISK).
  • The project is focused on supporting the goals of Insight (GRC) Alliance, that is, the most mutually beneficial exchange and improvement of everything valuable within the professional Governance/Risk/Control communities (Supervisory Boards, Compliance, Internal Audit, Anti-Fraud, etc.).
  • The project is international and supranational, globally distributed.
  • In the beginning, more than 10 billion tokens will be minted, with splitting of each token up to 10 fractional units – “coso”. However, this will be an incentive pool, and tokens will be distributed (placed into circulation) for participation in Insight (GRC) Alliance: a valuable and mutually beneficial exchange of vacancies, projects, proposals and requests for proposals, peer-2-peer assessments, contacts, developments, etc.
  • Base platform (blockchain ecosystem) – Everscale. In the future, the project can be meta/cross-blockchain, that is, deployed on different ecosystems (planned to be BSC, Solana, Polygon, etc.) through “bridge” and “wrapping” protocols.
  • In addition, within the project framework, the solution of Decentrilized Governance will be developed (a governance system that supports decentralized organizations, that have quickly growing share in the economy).
  • At the beginning of the project, there will be a selective distribution of tokens (airdrop), at the beginning up to the 50 most active participants.

Your proposals are welcome (, all general information about the project will be posted on this site.