Governance, Control and Excellence


Goals. Telegram channel ( is designed to share information on the following categories:

1) Projects: requests for proposals for services (works), implementation of projects and assignments, project teams, team building, training, short-term assignments and long-term projects, gig and freelance, consulting, educational projects and assignments, referrals to competitions and tenders;

2) Human resources: vacancies, candidates: members of boards of directors and highly qualified specialists in special areas, teams, career opportunities, professionals, experts, recommendations, experience, in GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance):

  • Corporate governance (activity on boards of directors, corporate governance practices, high-level improvements in control and management),
  • Risks (ERM, operational, finance, risk assessment),
  • Audit (risk-based, performance audit, financial audit),
  • Control (control systems, financial control, control environment, policies and activities),
  • Compliance,
  • Fraud prevention,
  • Assurance and investigations, due diligence, asset tracing,
  • Operational effectiveness (business processes),
  • Ethics matters, corporate culture,
  • IT risks and controls, IT Governance
  • etc.

[if you want to somehow designate, specify the topic in this list, write to the chat administrator: @EverLife]

The main format is requests and announcements that are sent to @EverLife in one message, and then placed in a group. It is important to indicate in the announcement detailed information and contacts for reply.

A crypto asset (token) is provided for placing an announcment.